Global eco-movements around the world

People in many countries will celebrate Earth Hour by switch the lights off for sixty minutes. This global eco-movement may become the biggest celebration involving millions people, thousands cities and hundreds of countries. They call the moment as global election which enabling people to vote earth for against global warming.

I note that switching off the lights for a certain period not only for energy saving reason. This is about how to raise global awareness of global warming as well as inspiring people to take simple action that matters in combating global warming.

However, there are many eco friendly simple actions campaigned by communities, groups or networks. I list it quickly:

  • Bike to work: This community promotes healthy ways of commuters as well as reducing energy consumption of transportation. Some of you may participated in The bike to work day two years ago when hundreds of companies offered information of the events in their workplace and thousand of bikers pedaled to their office. Now, some cities have bike to work communities gathering worker in promoting healthy and green ways of transportation
  • Green property. Put your attention to your house, your sewage system, wood products, heating systems and the lights. Does it contains energy efficient systems and taken from the sustainable manners? A  recent regulation of  The The European Commission will effectively phase out incandescent light bulbs in Europe by 2012.  Switching bulbs to energy efficient lamps is simple and it will save your bucks as well as promoting energy saving. FYI, if you are in searching of green properties, you may ask the experts or search in apartment guide.
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