Global election in global society

Global society is urged to vote earth in the global election in 28 March 2009. How to vote earth in the election is just simply turn the light off for one hour.  Leaving them on is a vote for global warming, says earth hour sites.

Earth Hour is one of NGO efforts in combating global warming. This effort meets better momentum in the booming of social networking technologies. This year, people are more connected by recent features, services of gadget. I wrote how environmetal NGO’s use facebook as their tools to interacts with people as well as promoting the missions.

Is this the first move to turn the lights off globally? Can the global society‘s action help addressing earth’ problem?

No, Earth Hour began in Sydney two years ago and participated by almost 2.2 million homes and businesses. Last year, the movement was grew with 50 million people switching off their lights.

The logo for Earth Hour

This movement should recognized by more people in more countries. The internet has been used to spread massage of global warming implications. A lot of actions could be taken by everyone. Switching the lights off are the simplest action doable be everyone.

I remember on the power plants generating electricity in Indonesia. Most of them are coal-based and generating emission threatening our atmosphere. However,  to shut down coal-based power plant is impossible in short time. The country and its people still need the electricity to power their economic activities.

By joining Earth Hour and send the massage to our government, we have taking a part in combating global warming. Inline, we urge government to reconsider the development of coal-based power plant  NOW and in the future.