Global Green New Deal

In fighting of global economic recession, a greening of fiscal stimulus packages should be considered.  I think this is an important massage for the leaders of most powerful economic gathering in The London Summit 2009.

I notice recent policy brief of UNEP  called Global Green New Deal (GGND). The proposal says that fiscal stimulus should prioritize energy efficient buildings and investments in sustainable transport and renewable energy. In the meantime, developing countries should prioritize investment in agricultural productivity measures, freshwater management, and sanitation, as these have demonstrable and exceptional social returns.

The brief highlights some sectors and actions that are particularly important in terms of their economic, employment, and environmental benefits:

  • efficient buildings, provide incentives for greening and weatherizing homes and offices.
  • renewable energy, securing credit for clean and renewable energy business
  • sustainable transport, promoting green automobile industry and public transports
  • agriculture and freshwater, improving  the efficiency of irrigation systems
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