Global warming disaster by Booker

Our global ecosystem is getting hotter, as well as people who always working to find out how to stop and how to adapt the changing climate. There are people who stand to criticize on how the issue of global warming is getting louder and gain more political attentions throughout the world.

You may find some global warming pessimist readings in your most-favorite book shop –one of them is written by Christopher Booker, an UK journalist.

The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the Obsession with ‘climate Change’ Turning Out to be the Most Costly Scientific Blunder in History? In this book, Christopher Booker “interweaves the science of global warming with that of its growing political consequences, showing how just when the politicians are threatening to change western way of life”. Booker also real-global-warming-disasterreveals that global warming theory is backed by a ‘consensus of the world’s top climate scientists’. In general, Booker believes that anthropogenic global warming was disproved.
Whatever Booker says, there are more scientific global warming evidences around the world. From the increasing surface of sea level to recent pehenomenon on the melting ice on the mountain of Kilimanjaro.
Let make our earth getting better by producing good readings – a book or ebooks motivating people to create better environment.