Global warming, early spring and silent spring

Having reading Goddard’s article on Watts Up With That? then I begin to explore the relevant events on tropical country such Indonesia.

Goddard’s highlights on the recent early spring information, weather and its maps and some other claims.  By the way, do you still remember on the great book of Silet Spring? This book was credited as 100 books that changed the worldDiscovers Magazine named the books as 25 great science books  all the time. Thanks to the author, Rachel Carson, facilitated people alerting on the danger of chemical on the ecosystems.

Silent spring showed  uncarefull material usage affected the birds reproduction and thus changed their population. In the bigger case, the material related to green house gases are heating the earth and thus changes the world climate.

Below are the claims on the effects of climate change on Indonesia:

Some experts claimed about effect on agricultural production as the explosion of peCover of "Silent Spring"st in the crops, changes on water usage and high temperatures.

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