Global warming effects on poverty

Trade experts propose a global reform of trade policy to reduce poverty,  and  now climate scientits highligts about bad impact of climate change to marginal people in developing countries.

A paper published by Environmental Research Letters suggests that extreme climate events could influence poverty by agricultural productivity and raising prices of staple foods. Ahmed et al argues that climate extremes exert substantial stress on low income populations.

It is predicted that frequent extreme climate events will change in the future. Authors’ advice highlights informed policy design and analysis require an understanding of which countries and groups are going to be most vulnerable to increasing poverty.

The authors used a novel economic-climate analysis framework to assess the poverty impacts of climate volatility for seven socio-economic groups in 16 developing countries. It’s found that extremes under present climate volatility increase poverty across our developing country sample—particularly in Bangladesh, Mexico, Indonesia, and Africa—with urban wage earners the most vulnerable group. The paper also found that global warming exacerbates poverty vulnerability in many nations