Global warming solution

A list of references on searching solution for global warming 

bestselling-book-global-warming-seymour-simonThe solutions to combat global warming could be comprehensive, from local to global action. Global warming solutions are mainstreamed in largest eco-movements and sounding by most of mass media around the world. Eco- movements represented by non-government organizations, individuals and grass-root groups push governments to provide enabling policy to fight global warming.

(Global Warming by Seymour Simon, 2010)

Government’s policy related to global warming solutions offers various incentives and restrictions. Incentives of green technology constitutes from green calling in telecomunication to energy-efficient hard drive of storage industry. Others are campaign on adopting rich-carbon farm practices in agriculture areas.

A list of recommendation has been offered for government in combating global warming. The recommendations were developed based on deep research, including global warming effect on the regions. It explain how government should raise awareness of climate change impacts and risks, mainstreaming climate change considerations in development planning and policymaking; putting in place an effective institutional framework for better policy coordination; addressing market failures and eliminating market distortions that impede the implementation of such options.

(The Coastal Time by Donna Callea, available in Kindle Edition Amazon)

Governments also urged to make more capacity building efforts, strengthen cooperation international and regionally and undertaking more study on climate change-related challenges, solution at local level.

global-warming-book-roy-spencerDoable solution is the key part addressing global warming issue at local level. Everyone could review their water consumption and shift to water conserving practices. Water is very important needs of humanbeing that exist in good environment situation as it showed in protected water catchment area or maintained forests.

(Climate Consfusion by Roy W Spencer, 2010)

Do we really protect our forest well? Most of us are not aware and easy to blame on disappearing the forests. Forests are not related only about water regulator function, but also in producing paper and absorb carbon from atmosphier and store it. That’s way deforestation always linked with global warming and we very concern about deforestation in Indonesia and amazon forest.

Along with bad peatland management, deforestation is the biggest carbon emitter sources in developing countries such Indonesia. Others are fossil fuel burning in transportation and industry sector. Thus, using more biofuel will help reducing carbon emission –at least for europan society. For biofuel crops producers, making biofuel in large scale are threat for forests.

global-carbon-cycle-book-christoper-fieldProtecting forests is part of global warming solution. Global society is studying the impact of international mechanism to reduce deforestation or REDD. They are organizing pilot projects in several countries to see how the mechanism works. The mechanism seems the best alternative in global warming solutions under international cooperations.

(The Global Carbon Cycle, Christophe B Field, 2004)

However, global warming issue isn’t global agreement that all people in all countries agree. There are some skeptical groups and individuals keep producing scrutinize discourse at various level. They asking the truth of science behind global warming research and publish confronting books.

the-role-of-government-confroting-global-warmingRole of the Government, The (Confronting Global Warming)