Google work’s on radical environmentalism

Green activists always use creative campaign to raise the awareness. As it shown in recent campaign for Bukit Tigapuluh rainforest in Sumatra island, Indonesia — The campaign ads created by WWF-Indonesia and David Tryse, with technical assistance from Google Earth Outreach. They create animation showing how the forest translated by pulp and paper companies.

I think Google’s technical assistance  shows “further involvement” of the world’s biggest internet business company on a type of radical environmentalism. Further involvement will push Google to face  pulp & paper multinational companies and their allies.

See the animation below:

WWF, Mongabay and other green activits describe Sumatra as “the only island in the world that is home to Sumatran tigers, elephants, rhinos, and orangutans”.

Clearing the forest for paper production will destroy the habitat of these species–that are considered endangered or critically endangered due to habitat. Indonesia is home for thousands species, part of them in Sumatra island.

See the benefit of creative works, the  interesting fact about paper, or enrich your knowledge about forest clearing through most popular deforestation books.

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  1. what to do with us human kind……. we are like a Parasites take every thing to ourselves and Choke the earth but at the end we wont be able to live….

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