Halloween chocolate: a sweet gift from south

The most popular food and searched by hundreds in recent week maybe a kind of Halloween chocolate. Although there are many stuff  like hallowen costume, signs, candles or lollipops halloween chocolate has unique story behind them. The chocolate is a food made from cocoa bean which only found the tree in tropical countries such Ghana or Indonesia, but there are no such halloweeen parties or else, including halloween chocolate.

Halloween lives under the western culture, and chocolate is the most popular product consummed by most of western people. The statistics says that more than half world cocoa beans are produced in African region (70%), America region (13%) and Asia Ocenia (16%). The figure is not very different since five years ago.

In  African region, Côte d’Ivoire is the biggest producer, meanwhile Brazil and Ekudor share its cocoa bean production at equal level. Indonesia places at the top producers in Asia Ocenia. However, 16 of the top 20 consuming countries are European.

Halloween chocolate might be conssumed higher by thousand americans during halloween celebration. In fact, Americans consumed 3 billion pounds of chocolate, which totalled $13.1 Billion in sales in 2001. At the same year, the sale of all other non-chocolate candy items combined was $7.6 Billion.

Chocolate is a gift from south, mostly developing nations, sent to developed worlds for any kind of demand that hard to found in their origin nations, a Halloween chocolate.