Help rural poor with energy efficient stove

A recent publication of national newspaper Kompas shows a finding of energy efficient cooking stove. The stove has ability to burn a kilo of fuel wood remaining only a small of ashes. Supriyanto, the creator, called the stove as Kompor Jimat or energy saving stove.

The founder made the stove from used materials enabling rural people get it easier. He designs the stove so it works efficient while burning the fuel wood. Mass usage of the stove will decrease fuel wood consumption; therefore sustaining forest resources.

Why we should care on the development of energy efficient stove on the rural area?

  • Affordable energy resources. Rural poor needs affordable energy resources for their daily life. Replacing old stove by cheap-energy efficient one will be easier way in order to maintain fuel wood resources
  • Fuel wood consumption. Energy efficient stove is requires less fuel wood. Less fuel wood to be burnt, less carbon released.

In term of carbon cycle analysis, replacing old stove that highly fuel wood consuming –with energy efficient one will reduce emitted carbon. But, if people has alternative options such renewable energy source, that’s will be better. At least, rural poor has several options using various, affordable and low carbon energy sources. Providing rural poor with single option of energy sources, such kerosene or gas, will bring more risks to them.

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