Help rural poor with small scale bioenergy

There are ways of helping rural poor with energy-based projects, such energy efficient cooking stove to small scale bioenergy.

A joint study of FAO and DFiD shows, when produced on a small-scale in local communities, bioenergy can play a significant role in rural development in poor countries. The study refers to 15 bioenergy projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia involving 12 countries.

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Most poor areas in rural area are depending on biomass for cooking and heating. About 80 percent of them sources from wood.

The study highlights possible benefits for rural poor:

  • Efficiency on natural resources as energy from waste
  • Producing useful by-products, such as affordable fertilizer from biogas production
  • Producing food and fuel through intercropping simultaneous
  • New financial capital with growth cycles by making use of marginal land

However, FAO also put a note on the challenges facing bioenergy initiatives:

… these challenges are similar to those of other production activities in rural areas such as technological constraints and lack of investment capital.


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