Hong Kong’s Top Business Ideas

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities in Asia with advanced economies and abundant business opportunities. Any type of business in this city can be succeeded if managed with the right idea and a great strategy. These top business ideas in Hong Kong of 2013 are the examples.

Cantonese complete language learning software

Launched in July 2013 by David Beatty and Asif Ghafoor, Spacious is an online program that offers detailed information about properties in Hong Kong for people who are looking to buy or rent. Today’s society has hectic schedule and limited time to do flat-hunting.

honkong-culinary-businiessAs one of the top business ideas in Hong Kong, Spacious helps find the perfect flat by overlaying the property listings onto a map and cross-referencing them with other data, such as facilities and prices.

Launched in July 2013, CarryAd is probably the most innovative top business ideas in Hong Kong. Initiated by Hanley Li and Lettie Sin, the idea of CarryAd is to reduce Hong Kong’s plastic bag problem by replacing them with 100% biodegradable ones. And to get the fund to do it, the plastic bags are turned into a type of advertising channel.

Pretty neat, right? Not only are they eco-friendly, CarryAd bags are also an effective advertising method.