How chinese hackers earn money

While chinese products are flooding more and more countries, chinese hackers also flood internet with trojan horse. One of the victims was Google, whose some pages were hijacked. The attack was originated in China, resulted in the “theft of intellectual property from Google”. Users who open the pages will infected with the trojan horse, thus the virus spread quickly throughout the world.

This way make Google reluctant to continue its business with China? Looking at the size of potential users in China, I think Google should consider the decision again. Google should improve its security system employing new approach, thus make chinese internet user more convinient rather than leaving it.  Chinese internet-literate community also need to be addressed and facilitated in certain way without breaking the law.

Hackers activity mostly motivated by money rather than leasure. At first they interested with the challanges, then realize that they can  yearn a lot of bucks using easy activities. NYTimes publishes a portray of the daily life of a chinese hacker and reveals how the hackers earn money. Here the ways:

  1. Sell viruses and trojan horses to infect other’s computer
  2. Break into online gaming accounts, and sell the virtual characters
  3. Sell malicious code which able to tap other’s bank account
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  • i thought google would have a way to protect themselves from hackers.
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  • Uncle B

    The burgeoning Asian fact of life invades the Almighty American on the net too – Can he bomb them into oblivion here and now? Will he have to stand up intellectually and show flexibility? Intelligence? Can the Almighty Hulking American Neanderthal handle the new paradigm? Does the Great Hulking American Neanderthal have the wits to take on this new faction of his reality and enjoy the exercise or will he resort to his old paradigm of forceful behaviors? War? Bombs? How will the new paradigm shape the Internet? The Great Hulking American Neanderthal? Has either met their match? Is this a battle of wits? Egos? Is this a salutatory episode for a long lasting confrontational situation? Which of these two giants controls where this is going? 450 Million Internet users in the Asian sector, or the total population of the U.S., a mere 330 million, some still in diapers, others not computer literate, others still on modems so slow as not to matter? Others so deep in porn as to not notice? Does any of this matter to those American Patriots disenfranchised by the American medical Cartel and receiving no medical care what-so ever? Not likely to survive long enough to have to care? What, for the teenager, texting a friend does this change? Does America face an Asian provoked paradigm shift of convulsive proportions in the 21st century? Will this morph even the Internet?

    • iip

      almighty american?

  • Apparently they’ve found the “Google Hacker” –

    If he’s *not* working with the Chinese government, they sure aren’t going to be happy with him now…
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  • mampir ketempat sehabat, ada kabar baik untuk top komentator, tunggu postingan terbaru tgl 13 jam 00.00 wib 🙂

  • Wah, ternyata di Cina virus laku dijual ya?
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