How to address urban lifestyle side effect

Urban lifestyle rises along the growing economy of a metro area where crwoded by new business centre, public facilities and high transportation activities. Improper planning of city development will lead to bad infrastructure, implicating higher stress experienced by the population.

Urban lifestyle has various side effects, one them are obesity. In this style, people are lack of exercise due to work load.  There are indications that urban people are experiencing obesity, in relation with consumption of high fat food as well and neglecting or nutrition balances for their body.

Instant is one critical symbol of urban lifestyle. In metro like London or New York, people are living in narrower hours, due to their work load. For the sake of productivity, they spend their time longer sitting in their office rather than maintain their body.

As the effects, people also need instant solution and it called effective ways. Take a sample to address fat problems; people are like to use information available in internet. They prefer to use easier protocol like hcg drops. There are many varian of weight loss diet, hcg diet is a type that will maintain the muscle and loosing only fat. To fulfill the diet protocol, people who have limited time are likely to buy hcg online.

I’m not saying that urban life style always bad for us. As stated by futurolog alvin toffler decades ago, we’re experiencing a fast development of technology. The advance of information technology has affected us in various ways. Most of us are shocked, but we need to search solutions addressing the development. As many countries are pondering about climate change adaption, in micro level case, people are need to develop adaption capacity to address urban lifestyle.

In most cases, urban lifestyle couldn’t be avoided. It comes to us along with the ultimate mankind’s goal, the prosperty.