How to create backup in Excel 2007

Nowadays, backup activities is a main part in modern management applying digital instruments. From the huge computer hardware of international network, flight arrangement system to our daily life of writing and documenting. Digital information has unique characteristics which is vulnerable from physical incident causing damage as well as data loss.

But computer industry keep growing and growing addressing such challenges. Smart ideas create innovation both in protection of hardware component and development of data recovery software. Developers from most-used software, such spreadsheet application, also improve the software regularly. They update the applications with backup and recovery function to make us more comfortable.

Here a brief note on how to use backup function in Microsoft Excel 2007:

  • After or amid working with your file or worksheet, you should save the file by hit the old shortcut of CTRL+S or direct the pointer to push the save-button in the left top of the Excel Window, beside the Office Button ( you aware that Microsoft at their age of 25 still use a 3.5 inch floppy disk icon for save button? Now, it’s hard to find magenetic storage medium of floppy disk  in our real life, especially in computer-related activities). A window will arise to ask you on how you will save the file.
  • Put your attention to Tools button (I put green circle below). The button will lead us to more options!


  • By clicking the Tools button, a smaller window will appear, showing some options about backup and password protection. For create a backup file, tick the box beside ‘Always create back-up’. Left the file sharing password blank if want to work without any password input every time you open or modify the excel file.


From now, Excel will create a backup file with the extention of XLX instead of the original file .XLSX.