How to get rich: a compilation

Dreams! This is the first that you need to state in pursuit of the riches. Define you dream as exact as you can – as if you can see the color, size, smile and touch it. Getting rich is a level where you can reach your dream more easily, quickly.

To do so, learn what the richest man has done before. Learn what Buffet done in managing his business or read the long story of Gates growing the Microsoft.

Below are some ways to get rich. I summarize it for you:

  • Define “rich” = rich for some people are not equal with financial asset. Some people are happy with “enough” goods and service availabe supporting their life, education as well as other basic needs. No more resouces for luxury houses, cars etc
  • Get a job = or make a business? Most the richest men on earth are coming from business, both family-owned and self-achieved. Create prospective business, become enterprenuer, seek any business opportunities. Sell something commercially goods and service and grow it!
  • Keep your eyes and ears open = commercial opportunities, franchise business and other information circulate through its networks. We need to develop network, stay update with info as well.
  • Cut expenses and save money, life at appropriate financial level. It’s including car, house or apartmen and your hobby.
  • Reallocate your spare time = utilize the resource to improve the softskill or use if for side-job
  • Invest, even its small.


Buffet ways:

  • Reinvest Your Profits
  • Be Willing To Be Different
  • Never Suck Your Thumb
  • Spell Out The Deal Before You Start
  • Watch Small Expenses
  • Limit What You Borrow
  • Be Persistent
  • Know When To Quit
  • Assess The Risk
  • Know What Success Really Means


Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist