How to help improving US air quality and protecting our family

Here some practical tips suggested by American Lung Association in their last report on US air pollution. The report reveals a list of the most cities where the air pollution is higher and  list of cities with good indicators of healthy air.

Doing below tips will also protect our family. Here the tips:

  • Drive less; walk, bike, carpool or take transit.
  • Don’t burn wood or trash.
  • Make sure your local school system uses clean school buses.
  • Use less electricity.
  • Don’t exercise on high pollution days and don’t ever exercise near busy freeways.
  • Support  Lung Action Network or other action for healty air

Air pollution is linked to lung diseases such  Asbestosis,  Asthma, Coccidioidomycosis (Cocci), Mesothelioma and Pneumonia. More than half of Americans now under threat of lung disease because of air pollution level at their cities.