How to manage research database


Research and researchers will always be connected with the data and thus, it is necessary for the researchers to know how researchers manage their data. Data are collected in many ways based on the researchers’ purpose and methodology. To collect data is not an easy task, as well as manage the data that have been collected.

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Research can succeed if all the elements support the process, including how researchers manage their data. If data collected are managed well, it can support your studies. On the other hand, poor managed research data will give you a serious problem. It seems better for you to start it over again from zero. Here are some tips that may help you to understand how researchers manage their data.

knowledge managementSo, how researchers manage their data? All you need to do firstly is you have to sure that you have already mapped all your data to your analytical method. In this phase you have to check that all you need during the data analysis are supplied well by your data collection. So you need to be careful to not collect the unnecessary data or not miss any critical ones.

Being safe is nice because you do not want to start from beginning in your research, you need to have such a formal data dictionary of every data map you have. Keep all the same information in one place to make it easier to find. All you need to do after having the data dictionary is keeping this dictionary updated and put some tags needed, such as:

  • Documents Name If you want to keep something in a storage, you need to put the name of it. It makes you easier to recognize it later
  • Description or Label Is it still important to give a description or label after we have named it? Yes. If you have double things which are similar each other, you can differentiate them by giving a different label.

A nice video showing “Research Data Management” course, linked with open data access.

Now you have already known how researchers manage their data. Make sure to do the same things like what have been explained to make a good data research management.