How to resolve “an automated wordpress update has failed to complete”

WordPress just updated their engine to 3.0. I see that some of WP users experiencing a little disturbing process, especially who using automatic update. At the end of the process, WP-users found a following massage in their admin page “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete”.

How wp-users resolve this?

The massage leads most of us to re-install using automatic update. Others are expect to reupdate again manually: download the wp 3.0 zip file.

I choose the first step 2-4 times but the massage keeps appear. Then a friend told me that a file in the root directory should be removed. So, you must access your cpanel and find the following file: “.maintenance”, then delete it.


  1. if you are going to get a VPS server make sure that it has cPanel coz it makes server maintennance easier..,-

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