How to setup statistical analysis tools in Microsoft Excel 2007

I’ve been two years using Microsoft excel to complete almost all my office tasks. It’s nice to know how to use statistics analysis tools in this software, instead of using particular statical analysis software. In fact, table-related tasks mostly need calculation, either simple or complex.

If you have to deal with complex task calculations, you may need this simple guideline. There are two facilities to make statistic analysis in Microsoft excel 2007. The first one is Data Analysis which is an additional instruction. How to set up this instruction?

• Find Excel options in Office button (see a big circle button in the left upper bar?)
• Choose Adds In tab
• Tick Analysis toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA
• OK
The software will allocate a new group in Data tab. It appears in the right side after Outline group. What can we do with Data analysis? This tool provides a range of statistics analysis such: Anova (both single and two factors, correlation, covariance, regression, sampling, moving average etc)

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