How to Use Online Catalog for Research

how to use online catalog

Book is a source of knowledge and information. That is why many people love to read books. For you who love to read books, going to a library is maybe becoming your routine activity. However, when you are in the library, sometimes you also find difficulties in finding the book you are looking for. It takes too much time to scrutiny every book shelf just to find your book.

Therefore, many libraries are now using the online catalog to help you easier in finding your book. Instead of walking and looking carefully to every book shelf in the library, you can simply look the book you want to read in the online catalog. Here are the tips on how to use online catalog for research in library.

knowledge managementTyping the title of the book

As it said before, the online catalog in a library is really helpful. Instead of looking for the book in every book shelf, you can use it too look the availability of your book. How to use online catalog for research is really simple, you only need to sit in front of the computer in the library and typing the title of the book you are looking for.

Then there will be some results related to what you are looking for. If the book is not available in the library, then you will find nothing. However, if the book is available, you can check it whether it is borrowed or available. You can also see where is the shelf of the book includes its book number.

Typing the topic or the author

In case you don’t know the title, you can type any topic you want to look for. You can also type the name of the author too if you don’t know the book title. For example you are looking for a book about photography, and then you can type it in the search engine.

Actually the tips on how to use online catalog for research is quite easy, since every library usually put the information about how to use the online catalog near the computers.