Impact of energy efficiency policy on US energy market

The right decision making might benefit market players, including in energy business. In US, the energy service companies were enjoying the growing market because of such energy efficiency policies.

Reading the latest report, I see business ideas to gain investment on energy efficiency are feasible to create. The energy efficiency industry become more significant in any economic situation –because the technology offers lower cost.

How the energy efficiency market in US grows?

Pike Research unveils that Revenues for U.S. Energy Service Companies to Reach $13 Billion by 2020. “The energy service company (ESCO) industry has been active for approximately 30 years, it continues to evolve in response to business opportunities and economic trends, ” said Pike’s press brief.

Today, newer service offerings, such as demand response and energy management software, enabled by intelligent metering and control systems that afford customers greater flexibility and control over their energy usage, are opening new opportunities for ESCOs.

The report of Pike Research showing that , the ESCO market for energy efficiency project installations and services in the United States exceeded $5.1 billion in 2011. The report also unveil that the driven by public policies that encourage a greater emphasis on energy efficiency to reduce costs and improve operations, this market is expected to continue to grow faster than the domestic economy and reach at least $13 billion in sales by 2020.

Read the full pike research report here