Increase Your Business Productivity: Conference Call Management Tool

software to increase productivity

The idea of the productivity in business, is always combined with cost-effective efforts. That includes how to manage meetings; who should participate, where and how long the meetings will take. If your business has several office branches around the world, then choosing conference call management tools will improve your productivity.

There are plenty of conference call services out there with various packages and plans of assorted prices. When considering cost-efficiency, pricing is critical. You need to collect information to compare each conference call service and then make a list of apple to apple comparisons (use the same units such as USD per minute, in single month payment per line, or annual cost). Consider any offer with conference calls unlimited.

After collecting the price information, you need to know how compare the conferencing features are that they are offering. The following items might be useful to check the service quality: access time, features of recording and replay, international calls, control for multiple presenters, Automated Invites or RSVPs and customizable phone number and greetings. Some additional features have recently been noted by conference call users such as file sharing services, integration with email-management software (eg Outlook), Polling features, Hand Raising, Chat widgets and report usage of post conference. You can see products here to get more information about some of these options.

Choosing the right conference call provider is part of an investment to increase your business productivity. Such an investment seems expensive at the beginning, however, the use of a conference call service will reduce travel costs (mostly international travel) – your accountant may compare the averaged travel cost in a year with the cost of conference call service.

So, selecting the right service will impact to your business profitability. I recommend that you select a provider that offers a 24 hour help center that will be ready to assist you in case of any trouble. The help-support center is must-have feature for modern services that can be contacted soon by various media methods (phone, email, chat or even BBM). The main goal is satisfaction, and a Help Center can do that best.

By: iip albanjary