Indonesia promotes “Nyamplung” as potential source of biofuel

Your engine car could be powered by coastal tree-based oil. It seed was extracted than tested to fuel the stove replacing kerosene. For developing countries such Indonesia, kerosene is the important fuel for daily need of cooking. If the oil could be used for cooking, so it can be used for fueling the engine car too. Of course, it need more research.

Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L.), a coastal tree called as potential source of biofuel, researcher says.  This plant found in west coast of Sumatera, Java, West Kalimantan, Sulawesi to Papua. Nyamplung known as windbreaker and have been planted since 1950 along the coast of Java by forest state-owned company Perhutani. This source of biofuel could be better than edible biodiesel sources, such oil palm. What make this tree become significant as the next biofuel sources?

According to researchers of Indonesia Ministry of forestry, nyamplung has several advantages:

  • The rendemen of nyamplung seed could reach 74%
  • Productivity of nyamplung seed is higher (20 tonne/ha) than Jathropa (5 tonne/ha), oil plam (6 tonne/ha)
  • It spread over widely, from Sumatera  coast to Papua
  • Easy to be cultivated either in monocultur way or mixed forest
  • Produce fruit along the years
  • High survival rate
  • All parts of nyamplung tree can be used for commercial products
  • Nyamplung stand can be applied as windbreaker, coast conservation

The research also indicated that, nyamplung seed has higher yield ratio rather than jatropha and oil palm  Nyamplung oil has burning power double compare to kerosene. In the water boiling test, it needs only 0.4 ml of nyamplung oil, but 0.9ml kerosene.

Although the findings have been released, the research still needed to get more information on scale up level.  It will take years before nyamplung oil become popular and used widely.  In addition, Indonesia has set 2.5% biofuel consumption in 2010 and 5% in 2050.

The biofuel booming in 2005 after crude oil price rose in highest level. Now, the biofuel development is experiencing new challenges of financial global crisis. Crude oil price was corrected and moving to pre 2005 level.

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