Inspiring creative business: capturing emerging issues

Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource, said the economists commenting on future business predictions. In many countries, creative industries have been increasingly contributing to national income as well as providing more jobs. Enabling regulations and high technology adoption seems linked to the development of creative business.
Most people perhaps notice that creative business grows as people become more engage with the latest technology such social media application within internet. But, the creative business has wider range of matters. More ideas are invented and feasible, then it might become next market trendsetter and thus drawing business deals. It doesn’t matter whatever current business niche, from carbon trading business to car accessories service creativity become more relevant in more connected worlds. I highlight on carbon trading business which is getting prospective in recent and next years.

As our earth is become warmer and warmer, there are needs to address the global efforts of making earth better.  Carbon is raised by global society as main commodity in new market of climate change. New players increasingly appears in various type of business, from consulting services, providing carbon offset program, eganging with local people in growing trees and others. In this case, carbon business creatively capturing emerging global issues as new potential economy.

Another case is vehicle styling business. It is true that most vehicle producers using certain standard in their products and thus not all people are match with the style. A need to personalizing their vehicle is always appears as the new series of vehicle released. People are looking car accessories provider to fashion their car so looks fabulous or at least create comfortable driving. In this case, creativity is very highly demanded to produce well-suited products.  Creative means nice ideas of combining color, new application, providing stylish car accessories for wider range of brands.
So, let’s open the window and find out that emerging issues or crisis isn’t always linked to dreadful future. I see that creativity can turn it –becoming yielding business.