Interesting facts about paper

Amid the growing of world population, paper consumption recorded significant level in recent years.

Media reported on the popularity of iPad 2 and other gadgets to read online media as well as crowding with paperless communication. But some of us are keep enjoy with the hardcopy, reading ‘real’ newspaper and writing with a pen on a book instead of working with tablet computer. The reality, “touchable” activity is important for some of us, and it creates demand of paper production.

Here are some interesting facts about paper:

  • In European, where the advance of paperless technology begins– paper production has been constantly growing over the last 10 years. European users for packaging, graphical papers were increase, while paper used for newsprints, sanitary and household are growing at slower level.
  • About 268 million of Americans (87%) have access to drop-off paper recycling programs
  • European countries contribute about 30% paper production. Nearly 27% of world’s paper consumed by European countries. Interestingly, companies operating large scale paper crops plantation in south countries are protested by pressure group funded by European-based organizations. Is it a type of trade war?
  • Each day, United States papermakers recycle enough paper to fill a 14 mile long train of boxcarsIn the developing world, paper consumption is growing quite rapidly but average per capita consumption remains low, at about 15 kilograms per year. In the industrialized countries, consumption is vastly greater ‚ over 200 kilograms per capita per year
  • Chinese invented paper around 105 A.D. and was kept a secret for years. Two years ago, Chinese consumed paper about 10% of total world paper and predicted to grow in future years.