Interesting facts about USB Flash Drive

software to duplicate usb The most-common use of mobile storage device is USB flash drive. It has replaced Compact Disk (CD) or even DVD in recent years. This device become more popular as many tech companies introduce faster-technology storage such flash memory.

Here some interesting facts about US Flash Drive you should know:

  • It’s appear about late 1990s, enabling users to transferring data between devices
  • Now more than 10 billion USB devices are used around the world
  • Around two billion USB’s are shipped every year, with millions being sold every day
  • Next-generation USB 2.0 released 2000 and USB 3.0 which debuted in 2008
  • USB 3.0 is 400 times faster
  • Experts are going to make 816 times faster USB

How to duplicate USB flash drive fast?

Use the USB flash and gain the maximum of its fast, compact-storage device benefits. If you’re organization gathers people and require to spread the content securely, USB flash drive is good choice. However, you need an apps to duplicate the content into flash memory sticks at fast.

USB duplicator is available both for Windows and Mac. It enables to copy files to many USB flash drive at the same time, parallel.

Learn more USB duplicator here.