Interesting facts on the link between agriculture, climate change and development

Now it becomes more obvious, that our warming earth is changing agriculture activity patterns. This change risks to both food production and development. Experts have recommended a range of best practice that we heard, sustainable agriculture – agriculture activities that more friendly on environmental aspects by producing more yields as well.

Speaking this term, we must learn the past while deforestation increased as the pressure of high value commodities such oil palm. We also aware that mixed tree farming practice has evidence to provide food production as well as the household farmer income.

Let’s explore a recent news release from CGIAR, the biggest consortium on agriculture research and development at the fourth Agriculture and Rural Development Day (ARDD) 2012. The consortium released some interesting facts about agriculture, climate change and development.

Here the the link between agriculture, climate change and development:

tree farming

  1. Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world by Providing livelihoods and jobs for 40% of today’s global population
  2. In 2050 as the world population reach 9 billion people, we need 60 to 70% increase in global food production a 50% rise in investments in food, agriculture and rural development
  3. Unabated climate change could cost the world at least 5% of GDP each year
  4. More than a third of GHG emissions result from a combination of farming and land-use change
  5. Rising food prices threaten the nutritional security of the 1.4 billion people living in poverty who spend as much as 70% of their income on food