Interesting facts of wood pellet

Indonesia, a country with largest rainforest in Asia, is engaging cooperation with Korea Forest Service to develop wood pellet as energy source from wood-processing industries. In 2007, Indonesia produced wood pellet about 40K tonnes each year, a tinny number from global wood pellet production, 10 million tonnes.

It seems Indonesia turns wood product industry into new direction, despite growing campaign on rainforest deforestation. Indonesia is experiencing a sunset era of wood product industry as the decline of its wood product exports.  Wood pellet might be potential product to raise Indonesia’s wood-based industry.

Here some interesting facts about wood pellet Europe and US:

  • Sweden is the biggest consumer of wood pellet in the world. More than 1.5 million tonnes of  wood pellets have been consumed in Sweden during 2006
  • Wood pellet are produced by compresing the wood that come from, mostly, waste wood of sawmills, or wood-processing manufactures.
  • Europe standard regulates wood pellet’s composition, thus it cannot produced from recycled wood and outside contamination. US is less strict, and is accepted that pellets exposed to large volumes of water may significantly degrade
  • Global wood pellet demand has been incresead since 2005, although more countries are fighting on global warming. Wood pellet obviously release a portion of CO2 when it burned
  • Since June 2009, US consumers enjoy tax credit up to (up to $1500)  for the purchase and installation of a 75-percent efficient biomass-burning stove. (I wonder if the same facility also enjoyed by poor people in developing countries?)
  • In 2008, about 20% of wood pellet production in US was exported to Europe, and nearly 90% of Canadian pellet shipments was exported to Europe.
  • When is North America (particularly the US) going to realize renewable energy can be as simple as wood? It doesn’t have to be complicated to work!

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    Really interest to wood pellet industry, have plan go to wood pellet business, please inform : wood pellet machinery , captive buyer, prices on Korea, Japan, Europe,

  • Pellet stoves generally cost very low and the Installation costs are relatively low,

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  • I think the key think to remember about wood pellet is that they are a renewable source of energy. Now while it might take some years to renew that source of energy i.e. how long does it take to regrow the trees that the wood came from? through proper forestry management Indonesia can have a very bright future as a wood pellet manufacturer.

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    Great information. Thanks to the information I know about wood pellet and countries participated in wood pellet issue.

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  • in fact,
    developed countries urges rainforest countries such Indonesia to protect the forests from illegal logging.
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  • Nice post.. hopefully this nature does not become damaged because of continued cleared.

  • Nice info..

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    Very nice informative post, I like how the pellets “are produced by compressing the wood that come from, mostly, waste wood of sawmills, or wood-processing manufactures.” We need to use up as much waste as possible and try to keep as many trees growing as we can. More recycling, less chopping…

  • great information.
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