Interesting facts on gum and gum resins from Ethiopia forest

Almost 60 countries are importing gum and gum resin product from Ethiopia. It has increased in recent years as world consumers are prefer to use natural products. Transparent resin usually found in varnishes and cement while gum resin can be used in therapeutic purposes.

Gum and gum resin are one of the important products from Ethiopia’s forest. The Ethiopia forest resources are dominated by dry forest where the tree producing gum and gum resin survive.

Below are some interesting facts about gum and gum resins:

  1. More than 30 species have been recognized as potential producers of commercial gum and gum resins.  For people around the forest, Acacia, Boswellia and Commiphora are the most known as the main source of gum and gum resins
  2. People generate cash income by selling gum and gum rensins to buyers. People also use gums and gums resin for herbal medicines, insecticides and hygienic and sanitation detergents
  3. Gum and gum resins become the most important export commodities of the Ethiopian forestry sector.
  4. According to CIFOR scientiest, most of the Boswellia stands are characterised by a lack of saplings growing in their natural environment, despite large numbers of seedlings observed immediately following the rainy season

However, there are several constrains hidering the development of gums and gum resin in Ethiopia. Experts say about limited reliable data on the resources and actual production, improper collection, quality control and etc.

Further  info, read Mulugeta Lemenih & Habtemariam Kassa of CIFOR library