Interesting facts on Indonesia electricity

power plant business indonesia

Energy security is important part for business to run their operation. A government must maintain its energy supply for economic activities or business interests –in this way, doing business in a country will be easier.

How about doing business in Indonesia? Indonesia is not the poorest country in the world, but it has capitals to become emerging country, developed and well-known for its richness of culture and ecosystems. The country is inviting investors to start up new business or just move into the charming place.

Below are some interesting facts relate to electricity situation in Indonesia:

power plant business indonesia

  1. Indonesia has various energy sources to generate electricity; from gas to coal, fossil fuel, water , wind, solar, etc and even geothermal;. However, coal and fossil fuel still contribute to the electricity generation.
  2. Government is reducing the use of fossil fuel in most power plants in order to minimize the subsidy burden in national public fund
  3. Indonesia is the biggest geothermal source, but there very few electricity generated from the geothermal power plant. Maybe the geothermal plant costly, but some geothermal sites are located in far-remote area, even within protected forests. Need additional cost to distribute the power
  4. Indonesia is assisted by World Bank to meet its growing energy needs in a clean and climate-friendly way, through a project to scale up capacity for geothermal power generation. About US$ 300 million of loan finances the project.
  5. To meet the electricity demand, the government calls investors to develop new coal-based power plants throughout the country with the total capacity up to 10,000 MW.