Internet business ideas from social media stats

Looking some internet business ideas? Let do a little research on the internet user behavioral.

In previous post, we see that behavioral targeting tecnique allows advertisers to get more effective campaign, leading to deliver match ads to internet users.

Using behavioral targeting technique seems costly. An alternatif way to get insight on the behavioral of internet users is learning how the internet users preferences in social media.

Below is a nice chart from StumbleUpon. It explains a lot for internet business ideas:

StumbleUpon explains that the chart illustrates the percentage difference between male and female stumbling behavior in our top 50 topics.

The first lesson: man and woman have different preferences. So, we want to develop some online service, just make sure your targetted customer, men or woman.
StumbleUpon describes

The Babes topic (to the far left in the graph) is 1300% more popular with men than with women. That is, the percentage of stumbles in the Babes category in an average guy’s stumble stream is about 13 times larger than in the average woman’s stream 


On the flip side, stumbles in the Beauty topic, which sits all the way to the right in this graph, is 95% less popular for men than for women.

Select single topics from the chart above will help us defining the next steps. Say we want to develop a website about beauty, then we need to add feminim style with the color, shape, template, images etc.

There are various source of social media stats explaining how their user connected with. The latest trend indicates more people connect with the internet using mobile devices. This fact is an opportunity to develop unique application.