Jobs of bioenergy in recession?

Green jobs become more popular in the next years? A report of UNEP says that green jobs become something of an emblem of a more sustainable economy and society.  The report refers green jobs  as work in agriculture, industry, services and administration that contributes to preserving or restoring the quality of the environment.

I remember that such report was noted by NY Times as over-hyped the potential to create good jobs from industries like wind and solar power.  These argument may relevant in developed countries such Europe and US in the normal economic situation.  The problem is our economy and society are facing recession.

But I’ll stand in optimistic side that some areas of industries have potential growing because of global pressure and climatic reasons. Climate change still become problem for global society both right now and after the recession ends.  So, let’s take a look one of green jobs you may interest: bio energy.

The report says:

Bioenergy has a particularly high potential to create employment and accounts for half the reported jobs. The environmental and social merits of bioenergy as an alternative fuel for transportation vary greatly. Under favourable conditions, they can contribute substantially to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from transportation. The quality of jobs in the biofuels industry also varies significantly with the availability of high income and generally decent jobs on the one hand, and on the other those with conditions that actually violate fundamental human and labour rights.

Here some areas of green jobs in bioenergy sectors:

  • Integrated gasification
  • biofuel  industry

Further more these related areas may attract you:

  • full efficient vehicle
  • renewable fuel of efficient engineering
  • energy efficient of biodiesel process, ethanol
  • clean production technique of bioenergy industry
  • Research on bioenergy economy
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