Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never

Many teens are waiting for the concert Justin Bieber. But do they also wait for the movie Justin BieberNever Say Never?” The film about the singer’s top is not the first time made. From ever made, not all of them successful – even as only a supplementary biography of the star.

Making a film about Justin Bieber is a bold investment. Bieber is currently at the peak of popularity, in various parts of the world. Many people admired his album as well as his action stage. Countless millions of fans!

I doubt the movie will be included into the list of top earning movie at the end of 2011 or will be listed within top pirated-movie list ?The only chance is come from the the Bieber’s fans. .


Bieber is Canadian young singer who began his professional career on YouTube –before it discovered by Scooter Braun. A report published by UK newspaper The Observer early 2011 indicating that Justin Bieber is more influential in the social networking sphere than Barack Obama or The Dalai Lama.

Mashable commented somewhat cynical about the movie after he wacthed the trailer. Bieber movie look like a mix between a concert film, hysterical fans Bieber and biographical sketches of the young artist. The rest is a poor home video quality.

Bieber’s movie Never Say Never is directed by Jon Cu, featuring Boys II Men and Miley Cyrus. By looking at stars who have proven to attract millions of fans at their performance, the investor of Bieber’s movie could be hoping optimistically.

download_Justin_Bieber-the-movie-never-say-neverJustin Bieber biography

  • My World 2.0 (2009)
  • One Time,
  • One Less Lonely Girl
  • Love Me
  • Favorite Girl


  • Top 15 hits on the Canadian Hot 100
  • Top 40 hists on the Billboard Hot 100