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French is one of the most popular language. It’s popular, but not every popular language spoken by most people. The most popular language used by most popular media, eg. television, internet, newspaper, movie and more. Since french is used by most media, international events, more people are eager to learn to speak french. Some learner use french language software to create efficient learning experience.

Is it easy to learn, speak French?

I can say, it’s depend. Your motivation and method is important. Strong motivation create easy path and easy understanding. Efficient method will help french learner improving its skill with proven technique. Using interactive software is one of the recommended efficient way to learn french. You can use 2Speak French Complete or other easy applications.

The stats shows that French language is used by 73.8 million of population. It equals to 1.12%  of total world population. Most speaker are stay or coming from Belgium (especially Wallonia, Brussels), Canada , France, Switzerland, Francophone Africa.