List of cool software to improve your business

How to increase your business productivity? How to make your staff work efficiently? Can you increase the profit at the end of this year?

Let’s see how can the recent technology help us to increase the efficiency as well as the sales, and profit. The cool software allow business owner to manage stock, order and its reports. There’s apps to monitor our staffs as well.

Here several business software that might help you to improve the business. Some of them are really specialized in certain functions. Check each of them:

Microsoft Excel

It’s the most popular  spreadsheet software in which you can create charts, table, estimation using various formula and others. There’re function on statistics, finance and etc. Learn on how to fix damaged excel file here, and its features on business intelligence tools.

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CPS Plus Standard

CPS Plus Standard is Serial Data Acquisition software that connect any windows apps with serial devices such bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, scales, sensors, lab instruments, micro-controlers. Learn more CPS Plus Standard

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This software works for inventory management. Using inflow, you can manage the stock, create management systems and tracking the order. The good news, it’s designed for small and mid-size business so it has affordable price (access here to get the discount coupon).

Learn more Inflow.


It’s a kind of security software that help us to monitor our staff, specifically in cellphone communication. SpyBuble’s features include  SMS tracking technology, tracks numbers from every outgoing and incoming call, access to phonebook, GPS location trackin, email tracking and photo tracking. Learn more here (or see alternate cellphone tracker here).