List of business ideas at the beginning of the year

Looking for an online business ideas at the beginning of the year?  New Year gift cards? President Day? or Grammy Awards related stuffs?

The ideas of generating income is come from the emerging market. The market changes everytime, following the various trends in our society.  And we found in US market, there are regular pattern created by internet users.

Let’s see what the research institution found about the market characteristics at the beginning of the year, especially in 2012:

ComScore found that Americans turned their focus to career services and education at the beginning 2012.  “Traffic to Job Search sites grew 27 percent in January to 24.2 million visitors. Job Search ranked as the category leader with 13.7 million visitors (up 33 percent), followed by Job Search with 9.8 million (up 27 percent), Job Search with 5 million (up 28 percent) and with 3.5 million (up 42 percent), ” said comScore’s press release.

ComScore also found that training and education sites also gained traction, with a sizeable increase of 23 percent to 14.7 million visitors. topped the list with 1.2 million visitors (up 58 percent), followed by with 940,000 (up 44 percent), with 736,000 (up 30 percent) and with 599,000.

Learn above pattern to map the competitor as well as the opportunities. Online business ideas in 2012 might be come everywhere. But, research is the best option to get more insight.