How to Make Your Own Solar Panels

If you want to make cheap energy, the best answer is creating your own solar panels. There are several things that you need to prepare for how to make your own solar panels. First of course you will need solar cells to capture solar energy. Then you need electrical equipment such as tabbing wire, bus wire, flux pen, silver solder, and soldering tools.

How To Make Your Own Solar Panels: “Green Energy Junkie“.

And the last you need to create panel box. If you want to create the solar panel by yourself, make sure you understand the basic about electrical engineering.

The steps of how to make your own solar panels is like this.. The first step you need to assemble the pieces. You must prepare all the equipment that you need. Make sure you cut a board as the solar cell place. Then you need to connect the cells.

Glue the cell to the board and connect all the cells together. The third step is creating the panel box. The panel box will be the house of the solar cell.

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Make sure you build it well and strong because it will face the outdoor weather. Then you must wire the panel. This is important step where you must connect the electrical equipment so that the solar cell can absorb the solar energy and transform it to electrical energy.

The last step is sealing the panel box and then mounting the panels. Those are the brief steps about how to make your own solar panels

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