Recap: From Bieber’s, Charlie Sheen to biofuel

We saw Justin Bieber Never say never moving up as the best documentary movie. And Bieber still become the hot teen celeb both on real and internet world. Bieber kissing miley cyrus news could be bad rumors for Selena Gomez.

We also heard about Charlie Sheen fired from “Two and a Half Men”. This is a official release? Or just rumor like before: Charlie Sheen found dead?

Now I’d like to talk my writing recap instead of Bieber’s middle finger or his guitarist Dan Kanter nor Charlie Sheen news.

A picture of flower starts my posting in hoping to mark inspiring and wonderful step of blogging. For me, blogging experiences have attracting so many new knowledges. I’m expecting my brain to always on-fire preventing a kind of decay (haha) so we need to read and learn something new.

Next step are not far from what we done in daily routine. This step must be a value adding action that will enrich what we have done before.  This is way I’m still writing and updating the hottest issues about forest and climate change. Forest is not just a group of trees, but it has complex relation with us!

One of the sexy issues is about biofuel. One side says about the neutrality of biofuel in global warming phenomenon, and others say about the potential usage to replace fossil fuel. Do biofuel promises so much for us?

My last recap on biofuel saying that biofuel from oil palm produced in tropical countries –by destroying the peatland forest is bad for our earth! There are too many attribute for crude palm oil (CPO) and we need to know which one is the bad CPO and which one is produced from good practice management.  By knowing and choosing the good commodity, we should not worry about the impact; despite there was an increasing of food price linked with biofuel demand.

I commit to make this blog as living note. So I’ll try to put something attracting mind, including laptop tips, government campaign’s on job creation and culture book which advising eco-friendly humanity.