Mobile apps gains more from advertisers

Internet mobile user area is going wider. More business invest to this area expecting high efficient reachable campaign.

Let’s learn from the latest study of mobile ads industry circulated by Google adsense team.

Google researched ” the economics behind the mobile ads ecosystem” and reported as in The Mobile Buyer & Seller Relationship .

According to Google, “The study looks at mobile advertising from both a buyer and seller perspective, focusing on the types of content that are driving the most mobile web and app traffic, where advertisers are focusing their budgets, and the intersection of the two.”

Some highlights from the research:

* Mobile application inventory is highly concentrated: On mobile applications, ad impressions and spend are highly concentrated around games, which account for 46% of total ad spend.

* All types of advertisers embrace advertising on mobile applications, with Media & Entertainment and Technology advertisers leading the way.

* Advertiser spending on mobile web is closely tied to relevant content

* Spending on mobile web is evenly distributed amongst advertisers

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