Mobile internet access in current world social movement

Wireless connectivity has drawn many users more deeply into digital life, says PEW Research Center. The results found that 39% of the American adult population have seen the frequency of their online use grow as their reliance on mobile devices.

I think the finding has comfirmed on the current development of social networks services as well as its compatibility for mobile devices. More users now tweet using their blackberry anywhere they available.  In other words, people are now more easier to connect with others through internet, contact their colleagues or just showing their status of facebook. Even G20 protesters were using tweeter to update, mobilize protesters and broadcast the situation.

Here some posts recorded how real time social media involves in the world social movement:

Some politicians, like Tom Watson,  also aware how to use online social media to fit their agendas.

The favorite on Tweeter is not about conventional website, but the method of communication that has introduced. The method has addressed the popular technology charactericts of compatibility, simplicity and friendly users.

Twitter could be a model for next step of iformation technology development. IT business, such internet provider, web hosting services or independent developers should change their marketing strategies. Strong internet provider or reliable web hosting is not enough. IT companies must communicate with their customers and recognize what people want from the crowd.

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