Most interesting books on business intelligence

There are plenty business intelligence resources available, from software, application, books and others. That resources mean nothing if we don’t have any goals when developing business intelligence in our company.

So define your goals and select appropriate system and tools for your company. Then read the following books providing useful BI information. These books available in Amazon during 2010, so the readings show the latest and most updated knowledge of business intelligence.

Very interesting!

  • This website also lists some of the best books on business intelligence

  • Anthony Davis

    I have been looking everywhere for books on Business Intelligence. It’s just difficult to choose among the array of books out there. Thank you for sharing your list of books. I can definitely use these in our company.

  • I find your list of selected books quite surprising. You have not included any of the books that I consider the best, for example from Ralph Kimball and Chris Adamson. For a complete BI bibliography, feel free to visit my site