Inspiring business ideas: Netbook sales and growth

An interesting infographic highlights the rise of netbook. It shows that total sales in some regions are increase as well as the total shipments. However, netbook related revenue is predicted constant in 2010. The graph confirms recent opinions on the future of desktop. Experts say that future computer isn’t on desktop.  More internet portable devices will flood the markets, including Apple iPad,  iPhone and Google Chrome netbook.

This might be possible since the rapid development of world internet connection. More areas, millions earth dwellers are now connected and the industry employs their smart business ideas to capture the opportunities.

See the infographic on the rise of netbook:



  1. The Nexus One is a nice device, but I think the iPhone is better. It has more functions and Apple has more experience with handys.

  2. Very informative one, I always love netbook than notebook.
    .-= Acer Aspire One Netbook´s last smart idea ..Acer Aspire One Netbook – Acer AOD250-1633 is Well Worth? =-.

  3. I think in the next years the touch screen will be the only input method for computers because it is easier to work with a touch screen and the range of opportunities for this is big.

    • I think so, touch screen input method provide more advantages. The only barrier is only cost. we’re waiting for low price of touch screen gadgets

  4. The netbook market has done a great job of being very distinct and finding a great audience, but the only thing that is stopping its progress is the fact that cell phones are becomming very portable computers.

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