New coal-fired power plant operated in Java island

coal-fired power plant tanjung jati b jepara

People might be forget about coal fired power plant pollution and tends to focus on the benefit of coal power plant as the support for economy growth such in Indonesia. Someday, we need to improve the coal fired technology to increase its efficiency. The efficiency of coal fired power plants become key features to overcome the environmental issues as worried by green activists.

However, Indonesia choose to use the coal for electricity generation. The country just completed the expansion of two units of coal-fired power plant of Tanjung Jati B to meet the growing demand of electricity.

A coal fired power plant to secure economic growth

As we aware that the coal-fired power plant process create air pollution as its burn the carbon-rich material of coal. The pollution from coal fired power plants has become attention by green activists, public institutions and others. Public health around the power plant site should be concerned as they getting the worst impact of air pollution from burnt coal.

A power plant for Indonesia is very important to maintain its growing economy today. Because of the country has abundance coal reserve, choosing coal as the main fuel for power plant is reasonable. Developing nuclear based technology in earthquake-frequent island is highly risks.

Now the Tanjung B power plant contributes to 20% of total coal fired power plant in Java island –the highest electricity demand region in Indonesia.

Attending the completion ceremony were Susumu Kato (President and CEO Sumitomo Corporation ), Norio Sasaki (Toshiba Corporation), Yasuhiko Kato (Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd),  Jero Wacik (Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources), the governor of Central Java Province and other Indonesian government officials, representatives from Japanese companies involved in the construction, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, and private banks as well as local residents