New doubt on lung cancer treatment effectiveness

The treatment of lung cancer might be higher than its expected.  The health industry should aware and recalculate the lung cancer treatment cost  as the recent findings of research on lung cancer treatment.

The best ideas are reducing the cost of treatment, and improving the access for poor people who experiencing the lung cancer or other lung related disease.

Reuter reported , the new study from the journal Cancer, analyzed data on more than 1,300 Medicare patients who’d had surgery for early-stage lung cancer. The study found that such patients usually don’t get radiation therapy, but in this group the cancer had spread to lymph nodes in the chest. There is no agreement on what to do in that case, and earlier studies have come to mixed conclusions.

No matter how they analyzed the data, however, they were unable to find a survival benefit linked to radiation treatment after surgery. A controversial radiation treatment for patients who’ve had lung cancer surgery may not help elderly people live longer, U.S. researchers have found.

The news might be not so good for the patient. We need to know on how to prevent cancer, and be aware of air pollution in our city (there are threats on lung disease in US).