Now in US: the most efficient solar air heating system

The most efficient solar air heating system available in US as a Canadian company executing plans for a U.S. market penetration.

The plans enable the most efficient solar air heating available and affordable to commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

How the solar air heating works? 

The sun warms a dark-colored surface that will collect the solar heat through a variety of optimal designs and enters the ventilation system. According to Enerconcept Technologies, the solar-heated air requires less or sometimes no additional heating to meet the building’s setpoint, which results in fuel energy savings.

Enerconcept Technologies claims its product as the most efficient solar air heating system.  Enerconcept Technologies has 12-years of experiencies in solar air heaters, including the Lubi — a wall-mounted solar collector with a patent-pending, perforated glazing technology that provides the highest efficiency ever measured for a solar air heater, according to Canadian Standards Association (CSA-International) certification tests.

“With the continued challenges of carbon-based fuels and increasing concerns with nuclear energy safety, we see 2011 as an opportunity to enter the U.S. market with our solar air heating technologies that offer proven higher efficiencies and shorter paybacks than any other solar products,” said Christian Vachon, P.Eng., M.Sc, president, Enerconcept Technologies in a pers release.

Enerconcept’s Canadian business has grown with large solar air heating projects for hundreds of prestigious Canadian clients including Bombardier, Montreal— the world’s third largest aircraft manufacturer; shipbuilder, Groupe Maritime Verreault, Quebec City; and Sobeys, Canada’s second largest grocer with 1,300 locations.

Cost-effective of  air heating system
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, active solar heating systems are most cost-effective when they are used for most of the year, that is, in cold climates with good solar resources. The solar heating systems most economical if they are displacing more expensive heating fuels, such as electricity, propane, and oil heat. The cost of an active solar heating system will vary. Commercial systems range from $30 to $80 per square foot of collector area, installed.