One million new jobs

“We will create one million new jobs in West Java,” said a candidate of local election in a campaign in Bogor. People of West Java province will elect a new governor on April 13, 2008. (update: the candidate was won at the election, no he governs the region)

I wonder how the candidate will implement his program. One million is not a small number, and you should consider a lot facts of economic indicators. I assumed that the candidate have oversight about population, agricultural-based economic, small enterprises and natural resources management.

West java province has million population engaged in agricultural based activities. But not all agricultural matters are handled by provincial government. Some authorities are shared with Agricultural Department, main food distributor stated-owned company of Bulog and other agencies. And who’s decide the amount of fertilizer subsidy?

It’s difficult to say that generating new jobs in agricultural-based province can be done by provincial government only. Last but not least, Indonesia has creating several policies that lead to low incentives situation of agricultural works, compared to industrial and services sectors. People tend to sell their paddy land, and work as a labor in another sectors.

I hope the candidate will find the new attracting words.

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