Online business idea 2012: Digital Content

Looking for something new for 2012 business ideas? Then we must see the latest survey result by digital measure provider, comScore. The company just revealed some facts related to recent and historical online spending in holiday seasons.Interestingly, as so many media call US economy being slower, there’s increase in spending through online –compare to the last year. comScoore unveils that there’s $26.8 billion has been spent online in 2011 holiday season up to Dec 12.

That’s figure is not small number as well. For the business owner who rely on online business, this figure is kind of fresh, potential sales for coming years. Let’s what kind of online business you should more invested:

  • digital content and subscribtion
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Computer Software
  • Toys
  • Sport & fitness
  • Computer Hardware
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Event Tickets

According to comScore, digital content and subscription tops as the fastest growing online retail category with a growth rate more than double that of the online sector as a whole. I’m sure, in 2012 internet users also will spend more in this area. So, I advice you to begin with research and develop reputation from now.