Online resources to find the spreading of swine flu

I’m curious on the question of Cafferty File: Has swine flu story been overblown?

At first he writes about WHO action’s increasing pandemy level from to second highest level of 5. Then he quotes WHO confirmation on the global cases of swine flu. Looking at the number, some people may will worry. But, have you read on the scientist opionion as Cafferty File quotes?

…this strain of influenza doesn’t look as deadly as strains that have caused previous pandemics. In fact, some suggest that the current form of the swine flu virus may not even do as much damage as the regular flu.

Then he puts more scientist’s opinion afterward.

OK, don’t be panic. The fact is swine flu has spread across countries, and with the current online technologies, we can track it, even visually.  Other online services aggregates update services from popular link with short text-style. For the sake of time, I put only two services now.

  1. Helthmap. This is global disease alert that supported by and various international organization. In this services, you will watch how swine flu is spreading.  Main idea of Healthmap is integrating outbreak data of varying reliability, ranging from news sources to curated personal accounts to validated official alerts. So, it sourced ranging from Google News to WHO.
  2. Tweatmeme provides a service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter to determine which links are popular.  The services has ability to enable its users for discover, sharing and provide a full API. In the case of swine flu spreading, you will find recent updates from most popular links from CDC, WHO, BBC and others.

Thanks for the provider of that useful online services. Let’s make our earth better with online resources!

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