5 useful online services

Which online service that make our earth better? I list some useful online service that might be help you and our earth.

Digital age enables people to make any services helping the earth better.  I respect the innovators, early adopters and whoever spread it in any means so people through out the world recognize it well.

I highlight some online services that have been doing better action. Hopefully, some of you found new services that help poeple do simple action of making our earth better. See below:

  • Change.org aims to address millions of people who care passionately about working for change but lack the information and opportunities necessary to translate their interest into effective action. This San Francico based-social entrepreneurship venture  wasa founded in 2005.
  • Ecocho is search engine that grows trees!  Searches made in this services is carbon neutral since they will grow two tree every 1000 searches of users.  Don’t worry, tress are grown through government-acredited projects.
  • CarbonFund encourages individual and business to reduce their carbon footprint through energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets. The service gathers various partners to support programs on reforestation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • ActiveCause is one of latest social media that enable people, companies and organizations making charity for non-profit programs around the world. Non-profit cause consists of several section such environmental which aims to preserve the environment, support environment research and promote conservation efforts.
  • CO2Stat makes our sites carbon neutral as well as promoting environmental friendly users. The services will calculate the user’s website total energy consumption and assists to make it more energy efficient.
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